Save the Date - oSTEM Virtual Career Fair - March 29, 2021 4-7PM EST


oSTEM is hosting our first ever Virtual Spring Career and Graduate School Expo! Understanding that COVID-19 had brought difficult challenges for our members looking for the next step after graduation or planning on an internship that fell through, we and our oSTEM sponsors hope that this new event can help you make the right connections. There'll be over 50 companies and schools eager to share exciting opportunities like internships, full-time positions, undergraduate summer research programs, or graduate school programs.

Date: Monday, March 29, 2021

Time: 4-7PM Eastern

Registration Link:

Keys to success for attendees:

Best practices for exhibitors:

Brazen Platform

We will be using Brazen for this expo, the same platform used for the Expo during the 2020 Annual Conference. Here's some changes and tips on how you can be more successful:

  • As soon you register, you can enter the event lobby to browse through all the participating sponsors. You can get started on your research by looking at their listed opportunities as well as their About Us page. This functionality is available before the career fair starts.
  • We'll be signing up more and more sponsors as we go, so please be sure to check back a couple of days prior to the event.
  • Make sure your profile and resume are up-to-date! Just like how you can view the organizations prior to the event, recruiters can also look at your information to invite you to their booth.
  • (New) Now recruiters can also Schedule a Chat on the day of with you. This makes virtual networking a lot easier to plan and prep, so be sure to stand out early by polishing that resume!
  • (New) Due to feedback from last event, there's no longer a chat time duration limit. A friendly reminder to stay engaged and focused during chats such that both parties feel respected.
  • Ask for audio/video chat to further increase engagement and connection with the recruiter!
  • After the event, you can still access the event to look at your chat history and follow up with whom that you really connected!


Below are resources for Brazen, check them out before the event if you have any questions about the platform.

Want to Sponsor / Be an Exhibitor?

If you'd like to sponsor this event to become an exhibitor, please go to If you have any questions, please send a mail to


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