Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

Directions for Application:  

Submit a resume and cover letter to, for consideration by the oSTEM, Inc. Executive Committee. The cover letter should highlight how your experience will contribute to the committee, and what you hope to gain by participating in a volunteer capacity with the committee.

Position Summary:

The Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (IDEA) serves as a member of the oSTEM, Inc. working Executive Committee and acts as a representative in all related events and functions. This position has a primary focus of advising the committee on efforts centered on expanding and upholding the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, coordinating inclusive solutions to improve infrastructure, and advocating for the needs of all members & staff. We believe oSTEM’s mission to empower LGBTQ+ people in STEM is best upheld by promoting visibility and diversity in everything oSTEM does. The role of Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility is instrumental in maintaining that focus.

A requirement for this role will be to work with, organize, and oversee the IDEA Directors (as outlined below), facilitating and advocating for their needs with the Executive Committee. Other tasks include attending the annual conference, advising peers who recently joined the committee, and fostering the development of resources to enrich the membership.

Conference responsibilities represent a large portion of Diversity and Inclusion’s ongoing efforts. As part of the annual meeting, IDEA—and by proxy the VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility—coordinates with the Conference Committee, Membership Committee, Conference Logistics Committee, and Marketing and Communications Committee to provide recommendations on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in and around conference activities, presentations, and materials. Fostering diverse and accessible programming during the conference is central to oSTEM’s mission. The VP of IDEA is the voice of our most marginalized and vulnerable community members and should seek to uplift their stories. This discernment is necessary during programming considerations, invited speakers, and conference spaces. All accommodations sought by conference attendees are the responsibility of IDEA. 

Lastly, in coordination with the team of IDEA Directors, the VP of IDEA is encouraged to create and maintain engagement in the virtual spaces provided to members and staff via online channels such as Slack: oSTEM Squad and oSTEM Staff. 

In the oSTEM Squad Slack, there are various channels monitored by oSTEM Staff. The closed channels are used by member affinity groups (Ace/Aro, (Dis)Ability, InQueery, Middle Sexualties, Race/Ethnicity, Trans and Non-Binary, and Womxn) and IDEA Social Coordinators. The oSTEM Staff Slack is where most of the communication takes place regarding meetings, conference planning, website updates, and virtual event planning. 


  • Estimated weekly commitment: 12-17 hrs/week

  • Regularly scheduled meetings:

    • Weekly Executive Committee meeting (1.5 hrs)

    • Biweekly one-on-one with ED/CEO (1 hr)

    • Monthly IDEA All-Team Meeting (1 hr)

    • Weekly IDEA Directors Meeting (1hr)

    • One-on-one meetings with Directors (at least once a month)

    • 1-3 hours of auxiliary meetings per week (that arise based on need)

  • Manage the Executive Committee’s involvement with and resources dedicated to diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion within the oSTEM organization. 

  • Ensure organizational infrastructure and policy are kept up-to-date while centering accessibility and inclusivity in all materials.

  • Regularly check in with the IDEA Directors to ensure that they will be successful.

  • Organize and run regular meetings of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

  • Attend oSTEM Executive Committee meetings and stay up-to-date with organizational initiatives.

  • Participate in discussions and contribute to key decisions made by the oSTEM Executive Committee.

  • Regularly check in with all related roles dedicated to inclusion and advocacy.

  • Active collaboration with Conference Programming to ensure diverse representation

  • Represent oSTEM with professional behavior consistent with our mission and core values.

  • Be a part of conversations involving the Organizational Advisory Council (OAC).

  • Shared fiduciary and legal responsibility for the organization as a member of the oSTEM Executive Committee.

  • Adhere to oSTEM’s Code of Conduct and organizational bylaws applicable to all volunteers within the organization

Applicants who progress to an offer will be asked to complete a volunteer background screening.

Key Relationships: 

  • This position reports to the President, Executive Director and other members of the oSTEM Executive Committee.  

  • Key interactions include: 

    • oSTEM Executive Committee Members

    • Director of Member Affinity Groups

    • Director of External Affinity Groups

    • Director of Diversity Resources 

    • Director of Accessibility

    • Director of Digital Storytelling

    • Director of Crisis Resources

    • IDEA Team Volunteers