Dr. Bryce Hughes, an assistant professor of education at Montana State University, will be conducting focus group interviews at the national conference for his study, titled “What Keeps LGBTQ Students in STEM? An Investigation of Sense of Belonging Among LGBTQ STEM Students“ (IRB# BH081519-EX). The focus of the study is on the experience of being LGBTQ+ in STEM in college, examining factors that increase or decrease your sense of belonging in STEM. If you identify as LGBTQ+ and are currently a graduate or undergraduate student in a STEM field, please consider participating. Please use the following link to let Dr. Hughes know that you would like to participate at the upcoming conference:
Please contact Dr. Hughes at bryce.hughes@montana.edu if you have any questions about the study. Students who identify as trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming are especially invited to consider participation as these experiences tend to be underrepresented in studies on LGBTQ+ students in college. Similarly, students whose queer or trans identities intersect with other minoritized identities (e.g., race, disability status, and class) are also encouraged to participate given the dearth of research on these intersections in studies of LGBTQ+ college students.