Save the Date - oSTEM Virtual Career Fair - March 29, 2021 4-7PM EST

Hello Booth Owners and Representatives,

Thank you for participating in the Spring 2021 Career and Graduate School Expo. We hope you enjoy your time and get to meet some great candidates. Following your feedback from the Fall's Career and Graduate School Expo, we've compiled these points of best practices to enable your success.

Best Practices

  • Use Booth Tags
    • Tagging your events lets attendees easily filter and find your organization and/or opportunities. Including tags for opportunities (i.e. internship, full-time, if you sponsor visas) will ensure that you are speaking with attendees that want those opportunities.
    • We implemented the “Institute Category” tag for attendees to narrow their search. If that tag was not filled in for your booth, please use one of the following:
      • Corporation
      • Laboratory
      • University
      • Government
      • Non-Profit
    • Use this form to identify the tags you want to use. We will use this form to help attendees get ready to speak with you.
  • (New) Schedule a Chat ahead of time with attendees that interest you. 
  • Find attendees beforehand to schedule chats by downloading the list of attendees.
    • In the booth editing page, click on the downloads page and download the .csv of attendees and .zip of their resumes.
  • Include your social media links so attendees can see your personal side.
  • Include your representative's pronouns in their profile at the end of their last name.
  • Use the opportunities feature to list the specific opportunities/jobs people can apply for, so you chats can be focused and more effective.
  • Use the content section to describe your organization. Include an interest form or anything else you can think of.

By following these guidelines, we hope you will have more deliberate engagement from attendees.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Thank you for your commitment to diversity in the workplace and best wishes during the Career Fair!


  • Monday, March 1 - Event Launch
    • Attendees can view booths and Sponsor Reps can view attendee resumes
  • Monday, March 22 - Commitment & Payment Deadline - REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Monday, March 29 - Day of the event!
    • Booths can no longer be edited or altered
Bootcamp dates will be added here once the dates are finalized.


Below are resources for Brazen, check them out before the event if you have any questions about the platform.
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