Affinity Groups

oSTEM strives to make visible and give voice to the least represented people within the LGBTQ+ STEM community. We believe that by connecting you with each other, with mentors and resources, and by showcasing you and your accomplishments within broader STEM spaces, we can improve representation.

Currently, the Diversity and Inclusion team hosts 6 affinity groups: Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Trans and Non-binary, Middle Sexualities, Womxn, (Dis)Ability, and Faith and Spirituality. We are always working to improve and would love to know if your identity is not being represented. Please do not ever hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can improve representation!

We invite you to join any number of our affinity groups based on your intersecting identities. Please refer to descriptions below for clarity and use the links provided to express your interest in joining. *Note that your information is private and we will never share it without your consent. We require that individuals’ identities align with the affinity group for the safety and comfort of all members.

If you have any additional questions, please email Ryder at We welcome you and are so happy you are here!

Racial and Ethnic Diversity

This space is designed for POC to have their voices heard. We will share our similar experiences, encourage community discussions, and build our network.

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Trans and Non-binary

Lean into the community of Trans and Non-binary folks during this challenging political environment. The Trans and Non-binary affinity group offers a safe space to meet others with shared identities and experiences, to ask and answer questions, to celebrate our achievements, to build a supportive network, and to advocate for greater visibility within our fields.

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Middle Sexualities

The Middle sexualities affinity group provides a space for all who don't necessarily fit in to gay, lesbian, or straight boxes. Whether you are bi, pan, queer, asexual, aromantic, or any one else who may fall under the term middle sexualities, you are welcome here.

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The Womxn affinity group is a space for any person identifying as a woman/womxn looking to discuss, explore, or find community with others around being female in STEM. Regardless of gender assigned at birth or how others perceive your gender, anyone identifying within this group is welcome here.

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The (Dis)Ability affinity group at oSTEM provides a space to talk about visible and invisible adversities and overcoming them. Join us to share our personal journeys, discuss how we achieve access in our work and school environments, foster self advocacy, develop personal strengths. Together, we demonstrate that we are defined by our talent and merits, not by our (dis)Abilities.

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Faith and Spirituality

We provide a safe space for those who wish to discuss the intersections of their LGBTQ+ identity with faith, spirituality, and personal consciousness. Regardless of religious background or practice, personal spirituality, we welcome you.

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