10th Annual oSTEM Conference +
Out to Innovate
2020 - FAQ

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General Conference:

  • When will recordings be available?
    • We are trying to have the recordings posted in the next few days, as soon as they are processed, captioned, and we obtain written consent from presenters. Recordings will be available for at least a month after the conference is over. Links to all the recordings will be posted in the description of the event on Bizzabo.
  • How is COVID-19 affecting the conference?
    • We have decided to transition our conference to a digital platform and not meet in person. This decision has been made with the safety of our members, attendees, volunteers, and staff in mind.
  • When is the 2020 Annual Conference?
    • November 12-15, 2020.
  • Where is the 2020 Annual Conference?
    • Cyberspace!
    • The conference will be hosted primarily on Bizzabo. Here you will be able to find the schedule, sign up for sessions, view sponsor profiles, and more.
    • The majority of programs will be held over Webex.
    • The Career and Graduate School Expo will be held on Brazen; more information coming soon!
    • We will also be hosting a 24/7 open environment on Gather. Here you will be able to visit different ‘rooms’ and chat with other attendees in a freeform way. We hope this will replicate the spontaneous social interactions and post-session discussions we have prized at previous conferences. The link to this space will become available as we get closer to the conference.
  • How do I register?
    • See the 'Registration' section below. 
  • My Internet connection is unreliable. I'm worried I will not be able to participate.
    • We’re sorry to hear that. The majority of the sessions will be recorded and available for later playback at your convenience.
    • If you are unable to use video chat effectively, you will still be able to communicate using text chat.
  • What do I need to bring to the conference?
    • If you plan to attend the Career and Graduate School Expo bring a PDF copy of your resume and/or CV. 
      • Having these in PDF form will ensure that you will be able to send them to others without worrying about formatting issues.
    • If you plan to participate in the Career and Graduate School Expo, it is also a good idea to test your audio/video setup before the day of the conference.
  • Is there a conference schedule available?
    • A high-level version of the conference schedule is available. A more detailed one will be posted closer to the conference.  
  • Is there a hackathon this year?
    • We are excited to have a chance to make our annual hackathon available to more of our community by holding it digitally; see the 'Hackathon' section below for details!
  • I want to nominate someone for an award.
  • I have a question about a specific program.
    • So do we! More information will be available here soon.
  • I have a question which is not answered here.


  • To register for oSTEM 2020 + Out to Innovate™ please do the following:
    • Navigate to the MemberNova event registration page and log in with your oSTEM account (if you do not already have one, you can create an account). Click 'Register' and then fill out a name and email for each ticket you are requesting. There is no registration fee.
    • After submitting the form, each attendee will receive an email with a Ticket Code (starting with the prefix 'OSTEM20_'). Take that Ticket Code and complete the registration form, and you're done!
  • I am a NOGLSTP member already. Do I need to create an oSTEM account to register?
    • Yes. This registration process will enhance the security of the event, so you will create an oSTEM account if you do not already have one.
  • I get an error when I try to register on Bizzabo.
    • Try using a different browser. Internet Explorer and Safari (running on Mac OS) are known to cause issues with the Bizzabo site for some people. Firefox and Chrome work reliably.


  • Find out this year's hackathon details!
  • What is a hackathon?
    • A hackathon is an event where people get together and collaborate in teams to develop new ideas into realities. Hackathons usually involve developing technology like apps, websites, hardware hacks, or other types of programs from scratch. Individuals of various levels of coding experience from novice to expert are encouraged to join!
  • Do I need to know how to code to join the hackathon?
    • Nope! 
  • How can I join the hackathon?
    • You can register for the hackathon via the normal registration process. Once you select an eligible ticket type on Bizzabo, an additional ticket type (labelled ‘Hackathon’) will appear. Select that ticket as well, and you will be registered for the hackathon automatically. If you have already registered, please email conference-logistics@ostem.org.
  • How much does the hackathon cost?
    • The hackathon is included with your conference registration! If you plan to participate in the hackathon, please register for a Hackathon ticket on Bizzabo.
  • Do I have to go to the conference to participate in the hackathon?
    • Nope! If you'd like to just take part in the hackathon that is an option. It is free but we ask you to register so we have an accurate headcount for setting up teams and prizes.
  • Do I have to be a student to participate in the hackathon?
    • Nope! The collaborative teams will benefit from members with a wide range of career/education experiences and STEM interests.
Do you still have a question? Send us an email at conference-logistics@ostem.org. We'll continue to keep this page updated as we get your questions.