Open VP Position: Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility

Open VP Position: Vice President of Operations

Volunteer Opportunities

oSTEM is an organization that subsist on generous gifts of time and talent from our community. Our team is always looking for passionate people who want to contribute to the LGBTQ+ and STEM communities. Volunteer opportunities are open to students and professionals and typically have a commitment period of one year or more depending on the role. All oSTEM volunteer positions are unpaid, volunteer roles although they may come with additional benefits like oSTEM Annual Conference attendance, training and mentoring, and more!

To apply for a role in any of the standing oSTEM Committees, please express your interest at the link below and the Executive Committee Member who leads that team will contact you. Please feel free to contact them at the email addresses listed below with any questions.

If you're interested in volunteering, but you're not sure where your passions and interest align with one of our current committees contact

Current oSTEM Committees

  • oSTEM Executive Committee 
    • Executive Committee members are responsible for both the long-term strategy and short-term execution of the day-to-day operations of the overall organization. They represent the core functions of the organization and share responsibility for oSTEM's overall success.
  • Conference Committee:
    • Conference Committee members are responsible for the planning of the Annual oSTEM Conference from programming, logistics, communications, sponsorship, and supporting other oSTEM committees who engage with the conference. Positions for the Conference Committee are a year-long commitment and conclude shortly after the Annual Conference.
    • Open Positions:
      • Logistics Chair
      • Logistics Team
      • Programming Team
      • Sponsorship Team
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee:
    • Diversity & Inclusion Committee members are responsible for ensuring that oSTEM is a safe and supportive environment for all LGBTQ people. This committee is comprised of directors for specific diverse communities as well as members at large who support overall committee operations and individual communities as needed.
    • Open Positions:
      • Social Coordinator
      • Mentorship Director
      • External Affinity Groups Volunteer
      • Mentorship Associate Directors
      • Mentorship Volunteer
      • Digital Content Managers
      • Associate Director for Diversity Resources
      • Resource Volunteers
      • Associate Directors of Member Affinity Groups
  • External STEM Partnerships Committee:
    • External STEM Partnerships Committee members liaise with other STEM societies, associations, and conferences to share best practices on LGBTQ inclusion and support the creation of LGBTQ communities within these STEM communities.
    • Open Positions:
      • Travel Grant Manager
      • Mentorship Coordinator
      • Directors for outreach and event planning to specific fields and conferences
  • Finance Committee:
    • Finance Committee members are responsible for the financial operations of oSTEM, covering the areas of core financial operations, sponsorship and grants, and other development activities.
    • Open Positions:
      • Director of Finance
      • Director of Development
  • Innovation & Technology Committee:
    • Innovation & Technology Committee members support oSTEM and our chapters with technical support and technology infrastructure. This committee sources and implements our technology platforms allowing us to stay connected as an organization.
    • Open Positions:
      • System Administrators
      • Website Administrator
      • Front End Developer
      • Back End Developer
  • Leadership & Education Committee:
    • Leadership & Education Committee members are responsible for the planning and execution of the oSTEM Leadership Development Program and support the creation of educational materials for all of our oSTEM members.
    • Open Committee Positions:
      • Content Development
      • Content Management
      • Logistics
      • Mentorship
    • Open Positions:
      • Webmaster
      • Communications Coordinator
  • Marketing & Communications Committee:
    • Marketing & Communications Committee members connect oSTEM with our members and the world through social media, newsletters, press releases, and more. They also manage oSTEM's brand and design all of our external content. 
    • Open Positions:
      • Social Media Managers
      • Project Manager
      • Designers
      • Videographer
  • Membership Committee:
    • Membership Committee members connect oSTEM with all of our current and prospective oSTEM Chapters. They are also the primary link between our organization and members who are not affiliated with a current chapter. The Membership Committee supports both student chapters that are based at colleges or universities and professional chapters that are geographic-based.
    • Open Positions:
      • Student Representatives:
        • Region A
        • Region B
        • Region D
        • Region E
      • Professional Membership - Professional Membership Volunteers
      • Membership Data and Outreach - Outreach Volunteers
  • Operations Committee:
    • Operations Committee members are responsible for the internal operations of the organization, supporting human resources for our volunteers, the management of our Organizational Advisory Council, and our Executive Committee.
    • Open Positions:
      • Director of Human Resources

Starting a Chapter

One of the primary ways that you can volunteer with oSTEM is on a local level by starting an oSTEM Student or Professional Chapter.

  • For more information about starting a student chapter at a college or university:
  • For more information about starting a city-based professional chapter: Contact Professional Membership Director Prakash Sundar.