Volunteer Opportunities

oSTEM is an organization that subsists on generous gifts of time and talent from our community. Our team is always looking for passionate people who want to contribute to the LGBTQ+ and STEM communities. Volunteer opportunities are open to students and professionals and typically have a commitment period of one year or more depending on the role. The weekly or monthly time commitment varies from team to team and role to role. All oSTEM volunteer positions are unpaid volunteer roles, although they may come with additional benefits like oSTEM Annual Conference attendance, training, mentoring, and more!

To apply for a role in any of the standing oSTEM Committees, please express your interest at the link below and the Executive Committee Member who leads that team will contact you. Please feel free to contact them at the email addresses listed below with any questions.

If you're interested in volunteering, but you're not sure where your passions and interest align with one of our current committees contact info@ostem.org


Project-Based Volunteering

If you're interested in volunteering with us, but only have a limited amount of time to give, then fret not, for there are opportunities specifically design for this! We have ongoing project-based initiatives that we're always looking for help with. These projects are well-defined initiatives with a concrete goal/outcome that are designed to require only 5-20 hours per month for 1-4 months. Due to the timing and general nature of the projects, we won't have a standing list posted as the specific projects tend to rotate and change. We do encourage you to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and we can discuss what projects would be most suited for you and which ones you'd like to work on the most.

You can still volunteer with specific committees for a longer period of time. Check out the postings below to see which committee might be a good fit!

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Committee (IDEA)

Our IDEA team is one of our core committees in oSTEM and is involved in a variety of areas across oSTEM, including: managing and running Affinity Groups, creation and review of oSTEM Resources, involvement in the oSTEM Conference and some of its programming, and working cross-committee in specific projects and initiatives that we undertake.
There are currently no specific positions open, but if you're interested in this work we strongly encourage you to apply as there is work to be done that is more project-based.

Conference Team

The Conference team is responsible for the annual oSTEM Conference as well as several of oSTEM's other programs. The conference team is always looking for motivated volunteers who are interested in helping bring the event together! The team works on the selection of programming as well as the logistics of hosting a multi-day annual event.

Membership Committee

Membership is the core of what we do! As oSTEM continues to grow, the membership committee must evolve to meet the needs of a vast network of members. This team aims to ensure the success and longevity of student chapters; grow and develop our professional membership; engage and retain our general members; and create resources for members, chapters, and sponsors.
If you're interested in shaping the future of oSTEM check out the open positions below:
  • Regional Coordinators for Student Membership - Regions B and G
    • Serve as a point of contact between oSTEM global and chapter leaders
    • Ensure the success of the chapters in the region
    • Host a monthly meeting for student chapters
  • Professional Membership
    • Assist in professional chapter formation as well as chapter guides and documentation
    • Develop a 5 year plan for the next phase of oSTEM Professional Membership
    • Help create and plan events for professional members in the US and/or UK, including the Professional Development Summit
  • Membership Outreach and Engagement
    • Work with new and future student chapters to ensure their success in our chapter incubator
    • Host and plan events to engage our membership at-large

Innovation & Technology Committee (IT)

Have an interest in technology, web development, or other technology systems? We have a lot of different systems and different projects underway that require tech knowledge and enthusiasm! Check out the below positions to see if one is a fit for you. If you're not sure it's an exact fit, but you like working with technology ... fill out the form anyway! The IT committee covers a lot of ground and there are always things we want to do that we would love help with.
See below for open positions in the IT committee:
  • Support Engineer / Technical Administration
    • Respond to internal technical requests / support tickets, investigate and establish usage of infrastructure technology
  • Web Designer (UI/UX)
    • Help design and inform how the oSTEM community interacts and uses the oSTEM website
  • Web Developer (Frontend/Backend)
    • Manage and help code the oSTEM website(s), helping with creating new and update existing functionality

Marketing & Communications (MarComms)

MarComms is the committee that handles almost all of oSTEM, Inc.'s communications. They handle the social media accounts, newsletter, and overall branding for the organization as a whole. Additionally, we work with other committees to be the main point of contact for partnerships with other organizations and initiatives.
If you're interested in supporting oSTEM's overall brand, check out the open positions below:
  • Newsletter Manager & Content/Copy Writer
    • Help gather content and write our monthly newsletters, write captions, blurbs, and even some blog posts for the oSTEM Communication Channels
  • Social Media Manager
    • Draft posts and work with Graphic Designers to create images that are captivating and informative, manage our Social Media presence
  • Graphic Designer
    • Design graphic assets for our social media posts, internal usage, and any necessary brand assets for our programs (i.e. the annual Conference)

Starting a Chapter

One of the primary ways that you can engage with oSTEM is on a local level by starting an oSTEM Student or Professional Chapter!