Looking to get involved with oSTEM and not sure where to start? We have different ways you can be a member of our organization and get access to our resources and the community.

  1. Sign up for a MemberNova account and our newsletter
    MemberNova is our Member Management System and is also how we distribute some of our resources. You can create an account on our signup page. Our newsletter is the most reliable way to hear about our programs and events, check out our newsletter sign up page.

  2. Join (or create) a Student or Professional Chapter
    Check out of our chapters here. If there isn't a local chapter near you, you can start one! Check out our Student Membership page and Professional Membership page for more details.

  3. Join our discord
    We have a vibrant community over on Discord. Create an account on Discord and use this invite: discord.ostem.org
Some of our attendees from the 2013 New York Conference at the Google Offices.